Gallery107@Dalby aims to offers a cultural experience equal to any that are found in established Art Galleries across the country.  Dalby’s Art Gallery continues to showcase, support and nurture local creative talent across the Western Downs Region by offering the opportunity of local exhibitions, workshops of quality and variety, as well as the ongoing opportunity to be involved directly in the running of the programs and exhibitions.


The gallery committee facilitates a variety of exhibitions that appeal to and evoke emotional responses in a wide range of audiences. With each exhibition we ensure to offer our consistent standard of excellence and provide a unique experience for audiences of all ages.  The exhibitions range from local artwork to national touring exhibitions.

Also This Month

Image credit: Sharlene Smith | Brolga 2022 | Acrylic on canvas | 254mm x 203mm

One of Dalby’s local artists and one of our very own Gallery volunteers, Sharlene Smith, is doing an exhibition at Dogwood Crossing @ Miles! Be sure to check it and more out if you’re in the neighbourhood!

Exhibition name: Journey With Nature | Paint the Town

Exhibition Opening: 26 May 2023, 6:30pm

Exhibition Dates: 27 May – 22 July 2023

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If you open yourself up to art, you’ll allow this entire world of creativity to literally transform you as a human being. Thanks to the expertise and dedication of our volunteer curators and staff we are able to share a true cultural experience with each visitor who walks through the door. Whilst our new home is smaller, we will continue to serve the community through art exhibitions, workshops, events and retail sales of artworks, merchandise and supplies.