MARK KIRBY is a multi-award winning artist from Dalby, practicing in several mediums including  watercolours, airbrush and acrylics.  His themes are wide ranging and evocative.

From a political statement about Ukraine to a portrayal  of a Koi Fish Pond, there is always something to see for everyone.

Landscapes, portraits, murals and even cars, there is almost nothing Mark hasn’t painted; certainly a particular favourite in the car scene.  A Luthier by trade, some of Mark’s artwork have graced his handcrafted guitars.

With maturity and experience, Mark’s paintings have become more thoughtful and nuanced, providing not only a beautiful piece of artwork, but a conversation piece for your home.


A medley of images created by Mark Kirby.

The ‘Pot Pourri’ Collection shows a more honest and confronting approach to the artworks Mark creates.  It features his views on Global Warming, The War on Ukraine and a Revealing Insight into what is really behind the darker aspects of his creations.

There’s a little bit of fun applied to the mix, making ‘Pot Pourri’ a joy to be experienced.

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